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Types of Personal Essays You Need to Know of

Publishing short memoir, and personal essays tend to demand so much creativity. However, while most writers are creative in their work, they tend to have problems sticking to one category. Knowing the category would not only help writers know what they are looking for but would also spark new ideas in their essays, memoirs, and stories.

Secret lives are personal essays that tend to focus on unusual jobs, obscure or pursuit that tend to take the reader behind the scene of experiences. Secret live personal essays tend to focus on showing readers what it is like to live in another life. Secret live stories tend to be fresh and surprising since it tends to pique the reader’s curiosity. Narrative stories are yet other stories that tend to fall under this category and tend to be narrative-driven as opposed to topic-based. In a narrative, there tend to be a clear beginning, middle as well as the end. The writer would need to put the story in a meaningful way and may also need to communicate in a vivid, engaging and active scenes. Human is yet another category of secret lives stories that tend to make a reader think that he or she cannot connect with the experience but end up getting connected in a way they may not have imagined before.

Some stories tend to fall under defining moments. These stories tend to be more like secret life stories but tend to zero in on how the writer thinks about their unique situation. The writer tends to focus more on describing his or her experience. The writer tends to evolve through dramatic incidents and change reevaluating his or her relationship with the role or job he or she is writing about.

Identity stories are yet other types of stories that tend to focus on events in one’s life to shift the perception of what it means. These stores tend to focus on one’s identity about identities such as gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and disability informs the way one moves through the world and relate with everyday experiences.

These stories tend to focus more on “what it’s like to be you,” and tend to be illustrated through active scenes and gripping narrative. Identity stories tend to be quite wide and can be fresh, surprising and unheard of. Identity stories may not only involve the identity one is writing about but also the identity the writer conflicts with.

Family mysteries are yet other types of stories that tend to fall under investigative journalism and memoir. The writer tends to write to untangle family secrets. Stake involves understanding what the writer is searching for from the beginning and what the writer hopes to find. The writer tends to also come with a specific question about a family he or she tends to try to answer. Pay off tend to focus on uncovering something and how the discovery in question tend to change the understanding of the family and how the writer fits in it.

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