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Ideal Physical Activities for Senior Population

As you grow old you are going to experience a gradual change in your physical capabilities because of the slow but constant decline in your body physiological capacity especially after you hit your 50th birthday, when this happens you will experience challenges in completing tasks you previously completed seamlessly because of loss of physical abilities associated with aging. It is impossible to stop aging, what we can do is to slow the physiological effects associated with aging by participating in regular physical activities, it is good to note when you are designing exercise regimen for senior populations, that is people 70 years and above customize the program to individual needs because this group is categorized as a high-risk group and some physical activities may be contradicted for seniors. Most people in the senior category experience difficulties with basic daily activities such as feeding, dressing, and bathing, these challenges can be addressed using ideal and customized physical activities, some of these exercises are outlined in this article so continue reading.

As briefly mentioned most seniors have problems with activities of daily living (ADL) like bathing, feeding, walking, dressing as well as instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) which constitutes cooking, shopping, and other home chores, all this is because of aging which leads to conditions such as arthritis that affects joint flexibility, diabetes, and heart conditions which make them get tired quickly during activities that require the use of energy. To assist the senior population to regain their independence design a tailored exercise program that emphasizes flexibility and targeting small muscle groups such as fingers and palms, this can promote their ADL and IADL considerably if the program is utilized effectively.

One of the ideal exercises senior group can benefit from are aerobics, low to moderate intensity aerobics can improve the cardiovascular system of this population, some of the recommended aerobic activities include walking, hydrodynamics exercises, swimming and cycling it is good to regularly monitor this group when exercising and assess their physiological changes such as heart rate, blood pressure and rating of perceived exertion, this is important to ensure they are exercising within recommended intensity for their safety, where applicable collect the exercise data which you can use to design an improved exercise regimen to ensure progress in their exercise routine which are safe and reliable.

Senior population is also at high risk of experiencing deteriorated and irreversible brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s this condition can also be slowed by keeping the seniors active with ADL and IADL such as walking, cooking, and dancing. You can use highlighted exercises to design a good exercise program for the senior population.