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Here Is How You Can Sell Land in Florida on Your Own

It is easy to sell vacant land in Florida without the services of a real estate agent or lawyer. Highlighted in this article are some of the vital documents and information you will require so that you sell land in Florida. The good thing is that you can go online and get the documents for free.

The number of the parcel. If you have a land that you want to sell in Florida the most essential thing for you to know is the parcel number. All the properties in Florida have a parcel number. A person number can give you all the information you need to know regarding your land in Florida. the county is responsible for assigning parcel numbers in Florida. All the counties in Florida have a government of is referred to as a property appraiser. The job of the property appraiser is to appraise all the parcels in their county. For you to sell your land in Florida, you will need to know your property’s parcel number. The general audience in all counties in Florida are allowed to look up parcel numbers on the internet at no charge.

You must possess the title deed. In Florida, the job of the court clerk is to sort out and note down official legal documents i.e title deeds to real estate. The best part when it comes to selling land in Florida is most counties will put up their official records on the internet for free. Also, the state of Florida accumulates official records from each of its counties into a single website. The moment you locate the title deed you will have to look at the person who is listed as the owner on the deed. In case one or more of the property owners whose name appeared on the title deed has died, the property might need to go for probate.

You must have the purchase and sale agreement. A purchase and sale agreement is the agreement between you and the other person that is going to buy your land in Florida. Realtors and lawyers can put together complex contracts that can add up to more than 30 pages. In real life, purchase and sale agreement can be straight to the point document whose particulars can fit in one page. There is no need for an attorney or fancy words for you to come up with your purchase and sale contract. The agreement must be signed by you and the buyer to allow the title company to begin working on their part. With the agreement, the title company gets all the information they need to act as a go-between the seller and the buyer.

Hire a title company once both of you have signed the purchase agreement. A majority of the real estate transactions in Florida are taken care of by a title company.

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